Save time managing vendors.

BountyJobs features a single consolidated contract, eliminating multiple contract negotiations with vendors. Giving your legal and procurement teams back hours in their day and allowing your talent acquisition team to work with recruiters without contracting delays.

Track investment, measure return.

Ensure you are getting the best return on your investment when you send your critical roles out to search.

  • Track aggregated agency spend  for every business unit in the organization,  in ONE location

  • See how agencies compare against each other, and against BountyJobs industry benchmarks

  • Use agency performance analytics to you make the most of your investment by paying the right rates to the right agencies

Work together, efficiently.

BountyJobs pulls all of your third-party recruiting activity together in one portal (integrated to your ATS), making it easier to engage agencies on jobs, work together to find candidates, and manage every step of the recruitment process

  • See everything with visibility into your recruiting team’s pipeline and live job progress tracking

  • Monitor and track agency performance on a specific job and over the life of your relationship

  • Maximize collaboration between your recruiting team and agencies by consolidating communication in one location

Maintain Clarity, Control & Compliance

BountyJobs helps ensure that jobs you send out to search adhere to your internal hiring processes and standards

  • Set your standard and confirm your agencies are taking candidates through your prescribed screening process

  • See what’s happening with every candidate, every step of the way

  • Use BountyJobs to track compliance with the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations, and to confirm vendor diversity classification

Plus top recruiters, if and when you need them

Work with all your existing vendors and find new vendors when you need them. The BountyJobs marketplace gives you instant access to thousands of top recruiters, and our technology matches you to the agencies best suited to fill your role, automatically.

  • The gang’s all here, the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace features over 10,000 top recruiters

  • Eliminate guesswork, get instantly matched to the recruiters best-suited to fill you job

  • Choose with confidence, make informed choices with the help of handy metrics for reach recruiter based on past performance

BountyJobs supports your business.


With BountyJobs ATS integration, minimal impact on your team.


Recruit for roles domestically & internationally in one platform


We handle it all so you don’t have to (contracts, guarantees, recruiter payments)

Let our expert team have your back.

Our customer success is second to none and is a big part of why our customers continue to count on us year after year.
We provide comprehensive service and support including:

Quick and comprehensive on-boarding with a focus on minimizing your change management

Search strategy consulting

Job specific concierge service

Fueled by 10 years of data and industry benchmarking not available anywhere else

“BountyJobs allowed us to consolidate all our vendors onto one contract while at the same time providing us access to their large marketplace of proven vendors. Today we are no longer bound to recruit from our existing vendor list, we can select agencies based on their ability to fill our specific role, saving us time and helps us fill roles more efficiently.”

—Melissa Carson, Head of Talent Acquisition, Esurance

40% of the Fortune 1000 rely on BountyJobs to maximize the return on their investment in 3rd party recruiting, you can too.

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