BountyJobs is a powerful way for companies to simplify the entire process of working with direct hire agencies, offering unique and innovative benefits to both sides of the direct hire agency marketplace. Companies with open jobs get access to selective agencies with specialized candidates. Agencies with great candidates get access to the high-quality job openings from some of the world’s best employers. Both sides interact on a platform that gives them the data, transparency, and control to ensure quality interactions.

  • Post

    BountyJobs is connected with your core ATS and billing systems, with little to zero need for IT support. We train your recruiters and onboard your preferred agencies — giving them an easier way to connect, and giving you a more powerful way to have visibility.

    • Simple, easy setup
    • Visibility into all jobs out to agency
    • Recruiters and agencies trained by experts

  • Engage

    We consolidate all existing agencies onto one contract — approved by you. Engaging any agency (even new) means they agree to your terms. The instant any person in your company engages an agency, you control activity and compliance.

    • One agency contract, approved by you
    • No more contract negotiations, renewals, or approvals
    • Complete oversight of agency use

  • Collaborate

    We synchronize with your ATS to provide candidate status updates to agencies. We also give your team one place for all communication with agencies, making it simpler to collaborate and cutting down on wasted emails and missed calls.

    • Business efficiency
    • Agencies and hiring managers collaborate
    • Benchmarks ensure right fees, agencies, and spend

  • Hire

    Your team gets better agency results while also controlling agency spend. Recruiters are stronger consultants to business units, armed with better agency data on what works, and dragged down by less administrative hassle.

    • Improve agency results while controlling agency spend
    • Less time on agency administration
    • Recruiting teams become stronger consultants to the business

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    Recruiters choose a job and set a fee to promote to relevant agencies (directly from their ATS, if used). Agencies can view and decide whether it's right for them (identity of user and company are hidden until agency is engaged).

    • Promote agency jobs directly from ATS
    • No added or duplicated steps
    • Vet more agencies anonymously

  • Engage

    If an agency specializes in the role, and likes the fee, it requests engagement. Recruiters review requests, then choose the agencies they like. Recruiters can adjust agencies at different stages of the search if needed.

    • Streamlined agency selection
    • You have control
    • Data-driven decisions

  • Collaborate

    Recruiters update candidates in their ATS if they use one, and BountyJobs syncs to keep agencies informed. All other agency collaboration is done in BountyJobs, cutting down on wasted emails and missed calls.

    • BountyJobs funnels solicitations
    • Communicate with agencies directly
    • Update candidates in ATS

  • Hire

    When a recruiter hires a candidate, BountyJobs processes everything: invoicing on the candidate's start date, collecting the fee, and paying the agency. BountyJobs refunds the full fee if a candidate leaves for up to 90 days.

    • Reduce time to fill
    • Find better-quality candidates, faster
    • Simplify the payment process

  • Post

    As your team posts jobs in your organization's ATS, you track and manage recruitment processes through BountyJobs’ one portal and vendor management system. You see all terms, fees, and guarantees in one place.

    • Only approved roles are posted
    • Visibility into all jobs out to agency

  • Engage

    Every agency your company engages is now under one contract — approved by you. You spend no time renewing contracts, and no time approving new agencies. You control compliance, whether it's OFCCP or candidate guarantees, by setting the rules.

    • Engage agencies on your terms
    • End annual contract negotiations, renewals
    • Eliminate time wasted approving agencies

  • Collaborate

    Every team member works with agencies in one portal, synchronized with your ATS. Since all agency activity and data can be tracked in one place, you have full transparency throughout the entire process.

    • Communication in one place to ensure data privacy
    • Agencies agree to key terms upon engagement to ensure compliance (OFCCP, etc.)

  • Hire

    You can view both historical and live data. You know what's being spent now, and what's likely to be spent in the future. Every payment can be tracked, every term guaranteed, and every metric strengthened.

    • Streamline candidates
    • Analyze spend
    • Consolidate all agency payments

  • Post

    Agencies are instantly notified when a job in their specialty is posted (with requirements and fee) to BountyJobs. Agencies access performance benchmarks of the employer, using insights to determine the best chances for reward and success.

    • Find jobs in your specialty even without existing relationships
    • See roles approved for agency fee across an entire enterprise
    • Transparency uncovers employers and jobs that are a good fit

  • Engage

    Agencies request engagement on a job, briefly explaining why they are a good fit, but also knowing employers can view their performance stats. Once accepted, agencies instantly work on the job, without procurement delays.

    • End onboarding delays (bottlenecks)
    • Better decisions about which jobs, companies are the right fit
    • Evaluate companies (good users)

  • Collaborate

    Agencies have full visibility into companies they're working with. They directly communicate with the owner of each job. They are instantly aware of changes made to candidate status — putting an end to constant status inquiries.

    • Real-time status updates for candidates
    • Easy communication without calling/emailing
    • Submit candidates to multiple ATSs  without multiple ATS logins

  • Hire

    When a candidate is hired, employers and agencies confirm details. Employers are invoiced when candidates start. BountyJobs collects the fee from the employer and pays the successful agency. BountyJobs advocates for both parties. No more pestering about payments.

    • Place more candidates
    • One place to resolve payment issues
    • Build new relationships

BountyJobs works with companies to help them simplify their processes and dramatically improve hiring velocity.

Work More Efficiently with Agencies  

BountyJobs helps you consolidate all of your existing agencies in one place and continue the level of communication you’d like, while also streamlining the processes you want to improve.


New Agencies When You Need Them

When you need access to new agencies, BountyJobs gives you a powerful way to find them, evaluate them, and get them working quickly on your jobs.

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Integrate with Your ATS

If your team uses an ATS, the way they manage candidates won’t change. BountyJobs simply makes the process of working with candidates from agencies easier.

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Greater Control and Compliance

BountyJobs gives you greater control over your agency policies, eliminating the cost and risk that arise from engaging multiple agencies at different fees, terms, and guarantees.

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BountyJobs has created a pricing model that aligns with the benefits employers and direct hire agencies look for in a trusted and reliable direct hire marketplace.

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