Top recruitment platform joins forces with leading provider of third-party recruitment technology to deliver a comprehensive recruiting solution for businesses of all sizes

AUSTIN, Texas Dec 12, 2017 –

BountyJobs, Inc., provider of the leading recruiting technology platform for collaboration between employers and search firms with over $1.25 billion in placement fees to recruiters, today announced a joint product release and partnership with top online recruitment platform, Workable.

This collaboration, the first of its kind for both companies, marries the decade of success BountyJobs has had helping large enterprises unlock value from their third-party recruiting, with the intuitive and efficient platform Workable has successfully built for hiring teams of all sizes.

BountyJobs has long been able to support mid to large-sized companies that work with many third-party recruiters and navigate high volume recruiting on a daily basis. What BountyJobs had not yet tackled, until now, was developing a simple, per job solution available to companies who don’t traditionally use third-party search or do so infrequently.

“We are beyond excited to be partnering with Workable who will be providing our direct to hiring manager product, BountyJobs Connect,” said Stacey Steiger, Vice President of Product and Marketing at BountyJobs. “Workable was the obvious launch partner for our new offering. They are growing at an incredible rate with over 6,000 customers from 50 to a few thousand employees while staying firmly grounded in what makes them an exciting technology company: they’re incredibly agile and obsessed with delivering unparalleled user experience. Both are critically important to us as we introduce this solution to a new type of customer for BountyJobs.”

The joint offering, available exclusively to Workable customers starting today, provides Workable customers the benefits of the BountyJobs marketplace (access to 10,000+ top recruiters, streamlined communication tools, automatic recruiter payments) inside of Workable’s wildly successful all-in-one recruiting platform. This solution allows hiring managers to continue to rely on Workable for all of their recruiting tasks, now including third-party recruiting if and when they use it.

“We’re thrilled to partner with BountyJobs,” said Nikos Moraitakis, CEO and Founder of Workable.  “Workable is built on the idea of providing a single platform for recruitment. Offering our customers an easy, stress-free way to find and engage the best recruiters on a per-job basis lines up perfectly with our ambition. BountyJobs provides not just an excellent pool of validated recruiters for our customers, but a completely seamless experience as well.”

“Companies around the world invest 24 billion dollars a year on third-party search,” said Jerry Aubin, CEO of BountyJobs. “That investment comes with unique challenges and we believe using third-party search infrequently shouldn’t be a barrier to overcoming those challenges.”

This partnership and joint product, released today, gives existing and future Workable customers of all sizes the opportunity to collaborate with the third-party recruiters in the BountyJobs Marketplace, on a per job basis inside of their existing Workable account.

About Workable:

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