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True Cost of Not Having a Talent Management Strategy

Did you know that without a talent management strategy, a company with 2,000 employees is losing almost $2 million every year in preventable turnover alone? The U.S. spends $105 billion a year mitigating the wrong hiring decisions. On top of that, 75% of the workforce already has a job. Passive candidates are rich in experience and highly skilled in areas of expertise and will most likely be your next hire – if you have a strategy in place to snag them. To avoid costly hiring errors and land the right person at the start, a quality talent management strategy is imperative.


  • Building a Talent Acquisition strategy – Vital to success
  • Crushing the competition – Acquire the right talent
  • Avoiding costly pitfalls – Develop & retain the right hire
  • True data points surrounding spend and performance – Track and gain insight