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Have coffee in San Francisco,  fill jobs in New York City —  Increase your access to new opportunities across the nation, as quickly as you can click your mouse.

Expand your business

Access to a high-profile employer can be key to your agency’s growth, but navigating the procurement maze at large organizations is not for the faint of heart – assuming the vendor list is open at all. BountyJobs agencies can:

  • Skip procurement and work directly with HR
  • Start working with new clients without stopping for paperwork
  • Request engagement and submit candidates to any marketplace job

Source your pipeline

Do you enjoy matching great candidates with great companies more than hunting for opportunities and pitching your services? Outsource your business development to BountyJobs and:

  • See jobs that match your specialty, skills or saved search criteria
  • Make the most of your candidate inventory with automatic job matching
  • Choose your opportunities based on key stats that reveal employer history and responsiveness

Save time in the back office

Keeping your business running is more than just making successful placements. Let us help you reduce the complexity of managing your business.

  • Remove time wasted on contract preparation and negotiation
  • Take advantage of our leverage to help manage ownership disputes and appeals
  • Outsource invoicing, payments and collections


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