Introducing BountyJobs Connect

After 10 years of focusing on Talent Acquisition teams, we are opening our Recruitment Marketplace, the largest in the world, to talent seekers from companies of all sizes. BountyJobs Connect, our new single-job offering is now available and can match your job to the right recruiter in minutes.

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Third-Party Recruiting Made Easy

Designed for Hiring Managers or companies with small HR organizations, BountyJobs Connect is our newest solution geared towards helping make third-party recruiting accessible to those with immediate hiring needs and infrequent use of third-party recruiting resources.

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How BountyJobs Connect Works

Post your job for free.

Give us your basic job details, including how much you’re willing to pay the recruiter that fills the job. We’ll in turn make sure we get your job in front of experienced recruiters with success in filing jobs like yours.

Choose your recruiters.

We’ll prepare a curated list of our top suggestions for you to choose from. The list includes recruiter introductions and performance statistics.

Don’t stress about contracts.

We’ve got you covered! Every recruiter in the BountyJobs Marketplace is bound by our universal terms which eliminate negotiations and delays.

Collaborate to get the perfect candidate.

Use our in-app tools to communicate with your selected recruiters as a group or engage directly with specific recruiters about specific candidates. Host a conference call, chat and exchange messages in real time and get a daily communication digest from one location.

Make your hire & pay the recruitment fee.

When you find your ideal candidate, snap them up. Rest easy, we offer a money back guarantee and we take care of invoicing you for the recruitment fee and passing it on to the recruiter to filled the job at the end of the guarantee period.

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Your perfect candidate is waiting, get one step closer to finding them.
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