Leading provider of recruiting technology for outsourced talent acquisition announces EU expansion, marketplace to now include European search firms.

Austin, TX November 02, 2016

BountyJobs, Inc., provider of the leading recruiting technology platform for collaboration between employers and search firms, announced its expansion into the European Union today.

“We are thrilled that we can now respond to strong market demand for platform searches involving EU-based recruiting agencies,” said Stacey Steiger, VP Product & Marketing.

While BountyJobs serves employers of all sizes, the company’s Agency Manager product supports the complex recruiting strategies of enterprise organizations – including those with a global footprint.

“These customers have been using BountyJobs to facilitate better management and oversight of searches involving external vendors in North America. Expanding to the EU – where agency use is common – means that our performance-based analytics can paint a more global picture of ROI on these efforts,” said Steiger.

BountyJobs believes their expansion is also well-timed for a moment when the market is calling for consolidation of tools and processes.

“With the massive growth in number of solutions aimed at HR and Talent Acquisition teams over the past years, our customers and prospects are now looking to simplify and streamline the tools in their arsenal,” said Steiger. “We’ve always been able to serve this goal via our ATS integration capabilities, but our expansion now means that EU-based HR teams can leverage the same platform and process as their US-based counterparts.

BountyJobs EU launch is underway, with new and existing customer signups ongoing. For more information, please contact sales@bountyjobs.com.


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BountyJobs is the leading technology for collaboration between employers and recruitment agencies. Our web-based platform consolidates 3rd-party search activities into one convenient location, giving talent acquisition leaders the tools to track, manage and evaluate their search spend. The result: better hires, faster.

Learn more at http://www.bountyjobs.com