Leading Provider of Outsourced Talent Acquisition Solutions Partners with Industry Leader in Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

AUSTIN, Texas November 9, 2017 –

BountyJobs, Inc., provider of the leading recruiting technology platform for collaboration between employers and search firms with over $1.25 billion in placement fees to recruiters, today announced a strategic partnership with top employer branding and media optimization agency, Bayard.

This strategic partnership, a part of a BountyJobs led partner network initiative, is the first of its kind. Pursuing innovation in Talent Acquisition is top of mind for both organizations, and this partnership gives employers not only strategic options utilizing recruiting software technology, but also ties in brand and advertising expertise that pushes the envelope.

“Bayard has unparalleled experience in brand and creative strategy in the talent acquisition space,” said Stacey Steiger, Vice President of Product & Marketing at BountyJobs. “This, combined with their focus on leveraging the latest technology to propel our industry into the modern age lends itself well to a partnership with BountyJobs.”

Bayard, a full service digital advertising agency focused on talent acquisition and employer branding, utilizes transformative tools and technology. The agency centers on helping companies build their brand to attract top talent while also staying highly competitive in their space. Bayard’s expertise spans web, digital, mobile, and offline opportunities that require brand and creative strategy as well as performance and optimization analytics. This broad range of services and strong command of each vertical allows Bayard to offer unrivaled support for their clients at every turn.

By leveraging modern tools, Bayard provides their clients the highest quality talent.  Clients include large enterprise organizations in need of strategic re-branding with a large focus on appealing to top candidates; the same candidates sought after by premier competing employers. By creating exciting original content, innovative use of video, multimedia, and other visual elements, Bayard injects brands with a new energy.

“Partnering with BountyJobs rounds out the set of tools we offer our customers nicely,” states Louis Naviasky, CEO of Bayard Advertising, “Our expertise in brand and media strategy combined with their suite of tools and recruitment technology is the power punch needed in everyone’s recruitment ecosystem, especially for niche, hard to fill roles.”

BountyJobs and Bayard provide a set of services and level of expertise that is directed at a shared audience. This crucial partnership catapults an industry already enjoying exponential growth to the next level. BountyJobs offers a critical solution to the quickly advancing slice of recruiting via third-party search; as a recent BountyJobs survey for Out to Search has found, 1 in 5 jobs are sent to search.

“Data is revolutionizing our industry,” said Jerry Aubin, CEO of BountyJobs, “and Bayard is in lockstep with BountyJobs in recognizing the importance of driving innovation by leveraging technology with data to inform the future of talent acquisition. Both organizations influence the development of technology and analytics in a powerful way, further increasing the symbiotic nature of the partnership.”

The new relationship, which marries brand strategy and transformational tools with traditional talent acquisition, creates the next era of recruitment innovation.

About Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc.:

Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc. is an integrated branding and digital communications agency that serves B2E, B2B and B2C clients in a broad array of industries. Bayard’s online and offline solutions drive results for: education enrollment; web engagement; real estate; public and private sector recruitment for healthcare, transportation, pharmaceutical and many other verticals. For more information about Bayard Advertising, please visit www.bayardad.com.