Leading Provider of Outsourced Talent Acquisition Solutions Partners with Leader in Online Background Screening Technology

AUSTIN, Texas August 29, 2019 –

BountyJobs, Inc., leading provider of third-party recruiting platform for collaboration between employers and search firms with over $2 billion in placement fees to recruiters and the world’s largest recruiter marketplace, today announced a strategic partnership with background screening platform, Asurint.

This strategic relationship with Asurint is the latest in the fast growing BountyJobs partner network, seeing 500% growth in 2018 and resulting in the largest partner network of any recruitment marketplace. This network connects innovative technology providers focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract and retain talent. This mix of partners has been hand-selected to help support the key constituents of the 2-sided BountyJobs Marketplace; employers and recruiting agencies. The BountyJobs solution can be integrated within any ATS and values the relationships and expertise that partner agencies bring to the table.

Asurint excels where most background check systems fall short. Using innovative technology, Asurint has developed a unique, customizable search engine called IQLogics ™ that optimizes a background screen for speed and efficiency. When combined with Asurint’s unparalleled ability to source court records and clear candidates on-demand, Asurint has changed the expectation of how time- and cost-efficient a background search can be for recruiters. By partnering with BountyJobs, employers and recruiting agencies have an end-to-end view of the hiring process allowing them to hire the right candidates more efficiently than ever before.

“The background screening technology that Asurint has developed brings the personal, human element back into this important process,” said Stacey Steiger, Vice President of Product and Marketing at BountyJobs. “Intertwining people with data and technology is at the heart of what BountyJobs stands for as well, making this an ideal partnership.”

“We are excited to partner with BountyJobs,” said Gregg Gay, CEO of Asurint. “In today’s competitive job market, recruiters are tasked with placing the best talent for jobs, and fast. Asurint’s extensive experience in the staffing industry complements BountyJobs’ mission of simplifying the hiring process for employers and recruiting agencies by delivering swift, comprehensive and compliant background screens. Together, BountyJobs and Asurint help recruiters to hire the right candidates and get them to work faster.”

The new relationship, which marries data-driven hiring solutions and traditional talent acquisition, creates an innovative approach for employers when making critical hires.

About Asurint
Since 2006, Asurint has been redefining how background searches are done; solving problems and reducing anxiety for recruiters and their candidates throughout the hiring process. Using innovative tools that aid in faster turnaround times, more accurate information and seamless integrations, Asurint provides the only background screen optimized to deliver the truth on demand. Asurint. The better way for background screening. Learn more at: http://www.asurint.com.