Leading Provider of Outsourced Talent Acquisition Solutions Partners with Leader in Technical Screening Software

AUSTIN, Texas June 4, 2019 –

BountyJobs, Inc., leading provider of a third-party recruiting platform for collaboration between employers and search firms with over $2 billion in placement fees to recruiters and the world’s largest recruiter marketplace, today announced a strategic partnership with leader in technical screening technology, Adaface.

This strategic relationship with Adaface is the latest in the fast-growing BountyJobs partner network, seeing 500% growth in 2018 and resulting in the largest partner network of any recruitment marketplace. This network connects innovative technology providers focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract and retain talent. This mix of partners has been hand-selected to help support the key constituents of the 2-sided BountyJobs Marketplace; employers and recruiting agencies. The BountyJobs solution can be integrated within any ATS and values the relationships and expertise that partner agencies bring to the table.

Adaface helps companies automate their first-round tech interviews with an AI chatbot, Ada. Ada can engage candidates and screen them for tech skills required for the role. This enables companies to hire more effectively by reducing screening time by 90% and spending more time engaging shortlisted candidates. Top candidates prefer Adaface because Ada engages them with a friendly chat involving relevant code challenges as opposed to asking trick questions on a test.

“Hiring for technology roles is one of the most far-reaching challenges facing those in talent acquisition today,” said Jerry Aubin, CEO of BountyJobs. “The screening solution for engineers that Adaface brings to the table helps pinpoint the winning candidate with the desired skills in record time – utilizing data and industry expertise, which hones in on the mission of the BountyJobs platform.”

“Finding the right tech talent in today’s candidate-driven market is becoming increasingly more challenging. We’re excited about this strategic partnership with BountyJobs, and about bringing their expertise of connecting with the best recruitment agencies to our customers.” – Deepti Chopra, co-founder of Adaface

The new relationship, which marries data-driven hiring solutions and traditional talent acquisition, creates an innovative approach for employers when making critical hires.

About Adaface
Adaface is a technology startup which helps companies automate the first round of tech interviews. Companies save crucial engineering time by screening candidates with 750+ custom assessments for on-the-job skills (all programming languages, frameworks, aptitude). Top candidates prefer Adaface because our bot, Ada engages them with a friendly chat involving relevant code challenges as opposed to asking trick questions on a test. Our customers have seen a ~90% interview turn out rate as opposed to ~50% with coding test solutions. Learn more at www.adaface.com.