BountyJobs charges you an upfront fee to get your recruiters and key existing preferred vendors set up in the system, as well as an annual subscription fee for the ongoing support of our team. The amount of the fees varies with the complexity of your current challenges — number of existing agencies, volume of jobs, and size of your recruiting team. Usually, however, the combined amount of the fees is less than the fee you’d pay an agency for filling one job.

Like any vendor management system model, BountyJobs also makes money by taking a small cut of the fee an agency earns upon successfully filling your job. When direct hire agencies make a placement, BountyJobs keeps a portion of the fee earned and delivers the majority to the successful agency. With BountyJobs, every placement is backed by a full money back guarantee for up to 90 days. Direct hire agency awards are deposited into their accounts once pending funds are received from the employer, and then released after 60 days.