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Project Description

Source the best IT talent for the most competitive rates

2017 Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report:

Talent acquisition is highly competitive for IT roles because companies across all verticals are sourcing candidates from the same talent pool. Companies often rely on agencies to fill these specialized positions, quickly. Recruiting benchmarks can help talent acquisition teams understand when and how to send these competitive roles to search.

Download our IT Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report to see the average:

  • Candidate salaries for IT roles, versus the market at large, to help you attract and hire the talent you need.
  • Placement fees, as a dollar amount and as a percentage of salary, to ensure that the best agencies are working on your roles.
  • Time to submission and time to interview, so you can determine which agencies are performing best, and which are wasting your time.

See how your agency recruitment metrics stack up against other companies hiring for IT roles, as well as the market as a whole.

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