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Employers: Pricing and Policies

Terms of Use

One central and fair Terms of Use governs the relationship between all parties. It eliminates paperwork and minimizes hassle for both employers and headhunters and is essential to an efficient marketplace. In order to register, all users must review and agree to the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are available for download on your BountyJobs account page.


BountyJobs technology provides visibility in the recruiting process that protects our customers from common recruiting disputes. In the rare case that a dispute arises, we will take the situation off your shoulders and act as a neutral mediator to work out a settlement between parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, either party can enforce the Terms of Use to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Pricing and Policies: Employers

Bounty Pricing

When employers post a job, they choose a bounty (as % of salary or a fixed fee), the amount they will pay the headhunter who finds them the right candidate to fill their job. On the candidate's start date, BountyJobs emails an electronic invoice for the final bounty. The employer must pay the final bounty to BountyJobs net 30 days.

Employment Guarantee

BountyJobs covers each candidate placed through its system with a time-limited full cash-back employment guarantee. For bounties 20% of salary or higher, the guarantee is 90 days after start date and for bounties 19% of salary or lower, the guarantee is 60 days after start date. If an employee doesn't work out during this guarantee period, BountyJobs will refund the full bounty to the employer in cash.

Previously Submitted Candidates

Employers are not responsible for paying a bounty to a headhunter for a hired candidate if they have previously received that candidate from any other source within the last six months.


All headhunters using BountyJobs are prohibited from recruiting employees from any employer where they have made a placement during the previous one year period.


All headhunters using BountyJobs are legally required to keep information that they learn from employers confidential.

Pricing and Policies: Headhunters

Bounty Payouts

When headhunters make a successful placement, BountyJobs keeps 25% of the final bounty and delivers 75% to the successful headhunter. Because BountyJobs offers a time-limited guarantee to employers, headhunter awards are deposited in their accounts as pending funds on a candidate's start date. After 60 days from the start date, the funds will be available for withdrawal. If the candidate does not work out within 60 days of the start date for bounties of 19% of salary or less, or 90 days of the start date for bounties of 20% of salary or more, the headhunter is not entitled to an award. If this occurs after the headhunter has withdrawn the funds, he or she will be responsible for refunding the money to BountyJobs.

Submission Pricing

There is no fee for a headhunter to submit a candidate for a bounty on which he or she is engaged. Headhunters can always choose to use our Take a FlierTM feature and send an unsolicited candidate at a cost of 0.1% of the posted approximate bounty.

Candidate Ownership

Headhunters own candidates they submit to a bounty for a period of 6 months from the date they submit the candidate. If this employer hires the candidate during this period for any job, the employer owes a bounty to the headhunter.

Duplicate Submissions

BountyJobs' system should block duplicate submissions. In the unlikely event that the system fails to block a duplicate submission, the winner of the bounty will be the headhunter who first submitted the candidate, as determined by the time and date stamp on the submissions.

Candidate Representation

Prior to each submission, a headhunter must certify to having the knowledge and approval of the candidate.

* These terms are subject to change by BountyJobs at any time. The information presented here is a summary. For the complete terms, please see the BountyJobs Terms of Use, which are available during site registration..

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I have been blown away by BountyJobs' help with VP level positions. Their speed and ease of use makes BountyJobs the best sourcing tool I have ever used! Harry Wilson Director of Executive Recruiting, Freddie Mac
It's a great way to get introduced to different headhunters. Statistics like interview rates and fill histories help you avoid the headhunters who aren't serious. Erica Berger Recruiting Specialist, HCA Healthcare
It really bogs you down to have to negotiate contract terms recruiter by recruiter... With BountyJobs, we bypass that step and get right to the search. Tim McKenna Director of Staffing, Acxiom
BountyJobs helped us find a recruiter on the other side of the country who helped us fill a very difficult req that had been open for 285 days! Jennifer Baldwin Senior Staffing Specialist, Fairchild Semiconductor
We were inundated with headhunter cold calls. BountyJobs minimized my cold calls, and I can see critical information on all the search firms." Jennifer Morris Recruiting Manager, Medical Center of Plano