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Are your agency recruitments expensive, unmeasured and unmanaged?

Third-Party Search makes sense when you have strapped resources, a tight timeline or a hard-to-fill role — but only if you’re getting the BEST return when you make that investment.

Find GREAT agencies, fast

Extend your team quickly and easily with instant access to over 10,000 highly-qualified agencies.

  • Get custom job matches to the agencies best suited to fill your job, instantly
  • Make informed choices by selecting agencies based on past performance
  • Get started now with the BountyJobs single pre-negotiated contract. Find an agency and get to work – no waiting

Save time managing vendors

Legal, Procurement and HR teams get hours back in their day when you bring all of your agencies under ONE, CONSOLIDATED CONTRACT.

  • Gain control when you standardize all agency contracts on terms you dictate
  • Spend less time negotiating, managing, and renewing with ONE contract for ALL your agencies
  • Eliminate the new agency approval and onboarding bottleneck, work with new agencies today

Track investment, measure return

Ensure you are getting the best return on your investment when you send your critical roles out to search.

  • Track aggregated agency spend  for every business unit in the organization,  in ONE location
  • See how agencies compare against each other, and against BountyJobs industry benchmarks
  • Use agency performance analytics to you make the most of your investment by paying the right rates to the right agencies

Work together, efficiently 

BountyJobs pulls all of your agency activity together in one portal (integrated to your ATS), making it easier to engage agencies on jobs, work together to find candidates, and manage every step of the recruitment process.

  • See everything with visibility into your recruiting team’s pipeline and live job progress tracking
  • Monitor and track agency performance on a specific job and over the life of your relationship
  • Maximize collaboration between your recruiting team and agencies by consolidating communication in one location

Maintain clarity, control and compliance

BountyJobs helps ensure that jobs you send out to search adhere to your internal hiring processes and standards.

  • Set your standard and confirm your agencies are taking candidates through your prescribed screening process
  • See what’s happening with every candidate, every step of the way
  • Use BountyJobs to track compliance with the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations, and to confirm vendor diversity classification

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“We used to get inundated with cold calls from agencies – I could have hired someone full time just to handle them. With Bountyjobs my cold calls are way down, and I can see a history of all search firms that ask to work with me: interview rates, history, focus.”

Jennifer Morris | Manager of Recruiting and Employment, The Medical Center of Plano